Iced Mint Tea Refreshing Easy Summer Drink

The iced tea of the mint is a great drink for the hot summer season. It is the source of the most wanted coldness in the summer. On the other side, it comes with a bunch of health advantages to offer. The making process of iced tea is not difficult at all. Anyone can easily make the mint tea and fulfill his summer thirst. One of the impressive benefits of the iced mint tea is the fresh flavor and the aroma.

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The summer is full of sweat and warmness. During this time, the iced tea gives you a unique aromatic feeling. The children can drink the tea too but it should not be much in amount. There are many ways to make tea. We will show you the easiest way so that you can make the tea without facing an issue. At first, let’s look at the ingredients to make iced mint tea refreshing easy summer drink.

Compulsory Ingredients

  • Mint Leaf: The mint leaf also known as Mentha is necessary for the aromatic experience. It’s better if you take it from your garden which is organic. A handful amount of mint leaves is enough for the mint tea. Take a few sprigs of the mint to decorate the tea.
  • Tea bags: You can add the tea bag or skip this ingredient because mint tea can be made without even the tea bag. 2-3 green or black tea bags are good.
  • Water: 2 cups of the water are needed to make the tea. Don’t forget to use filtered water. You can use less water if you want a strong mint or tea flavor.
  • Sugar/Honey: Choose what you like the most for sweetening the tea. The honey is better in this term. 2 tablespoons of honey/sugar are decent.


STEP-1: With your hands, tear the leaves of the mint. Put the leaves in a clean strainer and place it over a large bowl or glass.

STEP-2: Bring the filtered water and pour it over the mint leaves so that the mint mixed water can get into the glass large bowl. Bruise the leaves with your hands gently. Extract as much as the mint liquid to the bowl.

STEP-3: Add the tea bags to the water. Wait until the water turns into the tea. Discard the tea bags when it gets dissolved completely.

STEP-4: Cover the bowl or glass with a decent lid. Let the tea steep for 8-10 minutes. Don’t soak it for more than 10 minutes. It can result in bad taste.

STEP-5: Now mix the sugar or honey with the tea. Stir the mixture so that the honey can mix properly with the tea. Put the tea into the refrigerator and keep it until you are ready to drink or serve the tea.

STEP-6: While serving the tea, use mint leaves or lemon slices to garnish the iced tea. You can add several ice cubes to an extra coldness.

Health Benefits

  • Prevents Digestive Problem: You must be familiar with the digestive issues because almost every person suffers from this disease nowadays. The diseases occur when your diet is not on point. You have to keep a healthy diet in order to prevent it. However, the mint iced tea can do it for you. The oil of the mint boosts your stomach to move quickly which prevents the digestive issue.
  • Manages Fresh Breath: A person takes mint chewing gum often when he is facing the bad breath issue. The mint works the best in this case. It refreshes your mouth which results in a decent breath. The gum only stops the bad breath for a while. On the other side, the mint tea kills the bacteria that causes the unusual breath by antibacterial effects. As a result, you get the fresh breath permanently.
  • Improves Bones: green tea is known as the prevention of bone loss. A recent animal study found that the tea protects your bones. It doesn’t only protect the bones in your body but also improves them. The green tea makes the bones sufficiently strong. Even the tea sometimes provides more calcium, vitamin, and iron than the milk.
  • Enhances Brain Function: According to several studies, the mint tea can help you to improve the function of the brain. When you smell the mint oil, it does the job of enhancing the condition of your brain. Also, inhaling the oil of mint can relief you from depression or frustration. The mint tea helps you to increase alertness in the brain.

Health Risks

  • Not for Pregnant Woman: The mint iced tea is delicious as well as a good source of benefiting your health. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do the same function to a woman who is about to be a mother. The mint tea stimulates the blood flow of the uterine. For this reason, it can be a dangerous drink for pregnant women. Don’t take the drink of the mint without the permission of your doctor during the pregnancy time.
  • Risky for GERD Patient: The gastroesophageal reflux is a stomach disease. There are many people in the world who are suffering from it. If you are one of those patients, you should avoid taking the mint tea. It can be the reason for heartburn in your body. The indigestion problem also occurs because of the mint tea in case of the GERD patient. Therefore, be careful while drinking the iced mint tea.


Iced mint tea refreshing easy summer drink is a good drink to take in the evening during the summer. Even after a short meal, you can take the drink. It benefits your body and mind in various ways. It improves the condition of your brain function. As a result, you can work faster and better than before. The mint tea is also known for improving digestion ability. It allows your body to digest a meal quickly in a decent way. Though you can see two risks of the mint tea, these are not applicable for everyone.

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